About Us

Since, the inception of MALDICE Private Limited, the company dedicated to promote a better tomorrow in the field of tourism sector. Initial effort was emphasized on Tourist Resort Project. During the infant stages of the company, MALDICE concentrated on finding and understanding the underlying needs of our valued customers and clients.

In this regard, we have established strategic relationships directly with manufacturers and producers of hotel industry products to curtail unnecessary costs and to satisfactorily meet the high expectations of our well-understood customers and clients.

Today, MALDICE is a more established company striving to provide better hotel industry products concentrating on environment friendly equipments at better values. The elements of better value includes more than reliability, reasonable price and customer support. Cost reduction, easier repair and maintenance services, after sales services, advanced technology, warranty, technical expertise and availability of spare parts and products feed into the core elements of better value.

With our commitments and experiences in the field of hotel industry, MALDICE has managed to represent Authorized Patner for WeChat Payment, Sole Distributorship for brands like Suites International Corporation, GP Batteries and Safemark Systems. Also, MALDICE represents accredited spare parts for brands like CLUB CAR and etc. for the territory of Maldives. The company has qualified and competent staffs to handle any kind of repair, maintenance and after sales services including immediate delivery of spare parts to its customers and clients.

Domestically, MALDICE continue to strive in creating and maintaining networks of contacts through the competency of its commitment to its customer base depending on the implied and unimplied expectations of our well-understood customers and clients.

To accomplish our vision and mission as the performance-proven market leader providing better products and services in the field of resort supply in our core business area, MALDICE excels in value creating in the following five principles: Authenticity, Commitment, Creativity, Service, and Technology. These five value-creating objectives are spelled out and articulated within the system, operations and services of the company, as well.

As a forward thinking company, MALDICE continue to subordinate its leadership and management within these defined principles in striving to achieve excellence in its core businesses. Continue integration to these principles not only facilitate the company with the leverage to provide better commitment and competency to serve our well-understood customers and clients but it cultivates a more conducive and productive work environment to produce the required passion, talents and commitments of its valued employees.